Status of the U.S. Navy

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Status of the Navy

Status of the Navy

Refer to "Status of the Navy"

as of Jul. 15, 2009

Navy Personnel
Active Duty: 332,627
Officers: 52,389
Enlisted: 275,659
Midshipmen: 4,579
Ready Reserve: 111,925 [As of 09 May] * A-1
Selected Reserves: 66,761
Individual Ready Reserve: 45,164
Reserves currently mobilized: 6,409 [As of 07 Jul] * A-2
Involuntarily mobilized: 5,797
Voluntarily mobilized: 612
Personnel on deployment: 57,474
Navy Department Civilian Employees: 191,044
Ships and Submarines
Deployable Battle Force Ships: 284
Ships Underway (away from homeport): 120 ships (42% of total)
On deployment: 110 ships (39% of total)
Deployable Attack submarines: 55/calculation
Attack submarines underway (away from homeport): 36 submarines (66%)
On deployment: 25 submarines (46%)
Ships Underway
  • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) - port visit Lisbon, Portugal
  • USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) - Atlantic Ocean
  • USS George Washington (CVN 73) - 7th Fleet
  • USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) - Atlantic Ocean
  • USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) - 5th Fleet
Amphibious Warfare Ships:
  • USS Essex (LHD 2) - Coral Sea
  • USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) - Gulf of Guinea
Boxer Amphibious Ready Group/13th MEU: * A-3
  • USS Boxer (LHD 4) - Pacific Ocean
Bataan Amphibious Ready Group/22nd MEU: * A-4
  • USS Bataan (LHD 5) - 5th Fleet
Aircraft (operational): 3,700+
* A-1, Number is different from previous reports.
* A-2, Number of involuntarily (voluntarily) mobilized is based on the report of U.S. DoD.
U.S. DoD: http://www.defenselink.mil/news/d20090707ngr.pdf pdf_icon.gif
* A-3, 4, Added item, not the original.
U.S. Navy: Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group Deploys
U.S. Navy: Bataan Amphibious Ready Group Deploys in Support of Maritime Strategy

Air-operations - U.S. Navy air-operations as part of Coalition Airpower

CVW 14 that consists of VFA 115 (F/A-18E), VFA 22 (F/A-18F), VFA 25, VFA 113 (F/A-18C[N]), VAW 113 (E-2C NP), VAQ 139 (EA-6B), VRC 30 Det. 1 (C-2A) and HS 4 (SH-60F, HH-60H) is conducting air-supports for Operation Enduring Freedom.

USAF: July 15 airpower summary: Reaper provides topcover
Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom
Coalition Airpower conducted 76 close-air-support missions
  • Qalat (Google Maps) saw action as F/A-18C[N]s (VFA 25 or 113) flew a show of force, ensuring there was no small-arms fire from enemy forces, after a coalition force's convoy lead vehicle struck an IED.
  • In the vicinity of Balocan (Google Maps), F/A-18's (CVW 14) expended flares in a show of force when several suspicious individuals began firing on coalition forces. This show of force stopped the small-arms fire.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • 23 USAF ISR aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Afghanistan. In addition, 2 USAF aircraft performed tactical reconnaissance.
Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom
Coalition Airpower conducted 22 close-air-support missions
  • No description on U.S. Navy air-operations.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • 26 USAF and U.S. Navy ISR aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Iraq. In addition, 2 USAF aircraft performed tactical reconnaissance.

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