Status of the U.S. Navy

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Status of the Navy

Status of the Navy

Refer to "Status of the Navy"

as of Jun. 30, 2009

Navy Personnel
Active Duty: 332,163
Officers: 52,604
Enlisted: 276,208
Midshipmen: 3,351
Ready Reserve: 111,876 [As of 09 May]
Selected Reserves: 66,712
Individual Ready Reserve: 45,164
Reserves currently mobilized: 7,027 [As of 23 Jun] * A-1
Involuntarily mobilized: 1,268
Voluntarily mobilized: 5,759
Personnel on deployment: 62,932
Navy Department Civilian Employees: 189,586
Ships and Submarines
Deployable Battle Force Ships: 283
Ships Underway (away from homeport): 143 ships (51% of total)
On deployment: 114 ships (40% of total)
Deployable Attack submarines: 54/calculation
Attack submarines underway (away from homeport): 32 submarines (59%)
On deployment: 25 submarines (46%)
Ships Underway
  • USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) - 5th Fleet
  • USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) - Atlantic Ocean
  • USS George Washington (CVN 73) - 7th Fleet
  • USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) - Pacific Ocean
  • USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) - Atlantic Ocean
  • USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) - 5th Fleet
Amphibious Warfare Ships:
  • USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) - Pacific Ocean
  • USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) - Atlantic Ocean
Boxer Amphibious Ready Group/13th MEU: * A-2
  • USS Boxer (LHD 4) - 7th Fleet
Bataan Amphibious Ready Group/22nd MEU: * A-3
  • USS Bataan (LHD 5) - 5th Fleet
Aircraft (operational): 3,700+
* A-1, Number of involuntarily (voluntarily) mobilized is based on the report of U.S. DoD.
U.S. DoD: http://www.defenselink.mil/news/d20090623ngr.pdf pdf_icon.gif
* A-2, 3, Added item, not the original.
U.S. Navy: Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group Deploys
U.S. Navy: Bataan Amphibious Ready Group Deploys in Support of Maritime Strategy

Air-operations - U.S. Navy air-operations as part of Coalition Airpower

CVW 7 that consists of VFA 143 (F/A-18E), VFA 103 (F/A-18F), VFA 83, VFA 131 (F/A-18C[N]), VAQ 140 (EA-6B), VAW 121 (E-2C NP) and HS 5 (SH-60F, HH-60H) is conducting air-supports for Operation Enduring Freedom.

USAF: June 30 airpower summary: Reaper hits enemy forces
Afghanistan - Operation Enduring Freedom
Coalition Airpower conducted 75 close-air-support missions
  • A F/A-18E (VFA 143) flew a show of force over Moqor (Google Maps) to help Afghan National Army troops locate and identify anti-Afghan forces in the area. Anti-Afghan personnel had indiscriminately opened fire on the village the ANA had been patrolling, with enemy shooters taking long distance, poorly-aimed shots with small arms and rocket propelled grenades from the hills bordering the town. The F/A-18E's show of force, emphasized by an expenditure of flares, caused enemy fire to cease as they fled the area.
  • In Gereshk (Google Maps), an F/A-18F (VFA 103) conducted shows of force to aid a unit that had been attacked by anti-Afghan forces with indirect fire and automatic weapons. The aircraft also performed tactical reconnaissance for ground forces operating in the area.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • 22 USAF ISR aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Afghanistan. In addition, 3 U.S. Navy and coalition aircraft performed tactical reconnaissance.
Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom
Coalition Airpower conducted 8 close-air-support missions
  • No description about U.S. Navy air-operations.
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)
  • 25 USAF and U.S. Navy ISR aircraft flew missions as part of operations in Iraq. In addition, 2 USAF aircraft performed tactical reconnaissance.

Topics - Last update Jul. 8, 2009
JMSDF continues an antipiracy operation
Joint Staff: 派遣海賊対処水上部隊の出港について (Jun. 30, '09 release) pdf_icon.gif
  • Tokyo, Japan (Jun. 30, 2009) - Joint Staff reports that JS Harusame (DD 102), JS Amagiri (DD 154) and other units will depart to the Gulf of Aden Jul. 6 as a relief unit of the antipiracy operation.

    Currently, JS Samidare (DD 106), JS Sazanami (DD 113) and other units have operated in the Gulf of Aden as the 1st antipiracy maritime force since arrival at the scene Mar. 30.

    JMSDF can't escort and protect foreign vessels except emergencies outside Japan territory due to limitation of existing law, however Jun. 19, the Diet enacted the antipiracy law authorizing JMSDF to escort and protect any nations vessels outside Japan territory. In addition, a severe ROE on weapon usages is eased.

    Thus, the 2nd antipiracy maritime force will be operating under the law.
U.S. Navy deployment strength statistic FY09 - Monthly Average (Until Jun.)
U.S. Navy: Status of the Navy

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